Samidare Wo
Music and Lyrics by Ed Bennett

I was inspired to write this song from my love of Haiku Poetry. This song is based on a poem by Matsuo Basho written in 1682 called “ Samadare Wo Atsumite Hayashi Magami Gawa”.

This means:

Samidare Wo: Gathering seawards
Astumete hayashi: The summer rains, how swift it is!
Mogamigawa : Mogami River

I then took the concept and expanded it into a proper song with fresh lyrics and a story of two lives flowing together into a river of emotion and passion. And the notion of time and people standing still in a relationship.

My singer, Ryland Angel is a British Opera Singer, whom I wrote and produced 2 records with before. ( Ryland Angel ( EMI) and “The New Voice Of Christmas” ( Koch), learned the Japanese and though he is western, his voicing is unique to the Japanese Language.

The dance piece is a rehearsal in New York which was eventually performed in Japan. ( New Video to follow). This was Choreographed by Kayoko Sakoh.