Sally flew in from London to do this interview with us. Dusty Wright interviewed her about this fascinating film which is more a series of Monologues, intertwined around a central plot of Fashion, beauty, Hubris, Murder and Mayhem.

Sally Potter takes many chances with her  series of monologues which provide a murder mystery and a parody of the fashion world. The form is interesting, at least on paper: an unseen, unheard youngster, Michelangelo, films a series of video interviews for his blog backstage at a show by fictional New York fashion darling Merlin (Simon Abkarian) but inadvertently turns witness and confessional foil when someone starts murdering the models . The faces come think and fast: Jude Law as a trannie, Judi Dench as a sour critic, Steve Buscemi as a cop, Lily Cole as a model.

Sally Potter – The Dusty Wright Show from Dusty Wright on Vimeo.