Bobby Flay
Booby Flay, Star Chef of TV Food Network, shot 10 shows over the course of one week in the private kitchen of Ed Bennett at Bennett Media Studio.
“Working with Bobby and his production team was a delicious delight for me. I learned so many new recipes, and having Bobby here was better than any private chef. The show will be a treat when it airs in July,” said Ed Bennett, founder and owner of BMS.
The 4 camera shoot started at 7am daily, and rarely broke until 6pm.  The lighting in the kitchen was quite innovative, with the designer from the beijing Olympics. In all this was a Pro-team, headed by Rock Shrimp Productions.
Every Saturday, you can see Bobby in his greatest passion: cooking brunch. With a spatula in one hand and a cocktail in the other, Bobby goes from sweet to salty to savory, drawing inspiration for every-occasion we ordinary cooking mortals may encounter.
Check out this link for more on the series.
There was a special treat for Ed Bennett when Bobby made his signature poached eggs on sweet potatoes with pulled pork and fig sauce.
Ed was seen eating that dish for his dinner. While his vegan friends may raise their eyebrows, Ed was smiling all the way through the meal.