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We finished shooting a TV Commercial for Amazon, featuring Late Night host Seth Meyers, here at BMS.
The script is quite funny, and Seth was right on target.
It was filmed in multiple locations throughout the house, and also featured Seth’s brotherJosh in the story.
What is it about?
As two brothers are preparing for a turkey dinner with their mother, she asks them a series of questions over the phone. One brother relays her questions to the other, asking if he has a turkey platter, a gravy boat and a tureen. The brother holds up makeshift objects that could work, like two plates for the turkey and a glass mug for the gravy. However, his brother rejects his ideas and tells their mom that he has it covered while his brother orders what they need with Amazon Prime using the Amazon app. While admiring the tureen after it arrives, the doorbell rings and they scurry to hide the boxes from their mom.

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the shoot…crazy and messy are these productions.

The spot will air until Christmas 2015.
But its humor is timeless.