Esther Ku, actor and comedienne, has teamed up with her sister Po  from California to do some  stage and Web TV performances here at Bennett Media Studio. Both sisters sing as well, which beckons from their music ( and Church) Family in Chicago. I first me Esther at the filming of  the TV series ” White Collar” here at the Studio. She then introduced me to her sister, and a new duo was formed from which different artistic projects are being launched. We did a test video project, a spoof on the Tiger Woods incident. And we also had Esther and Po compete on stage at the Manhattan Monologue Slam, which is being presented here at Bennett Media Studio monthly. ( New dates are Jan. 29th, Feb. 26th, and March 26th., all fridays). Esther is very active in the Comedy Club circuit, and takes on TV roles as well. Po went on  stage for the first time on friday, December 18th, competing at the Monologue Slam against 22 others. She won although she is ostensibly the least trained.

Here’s the first spoof:

Next up is ” the interview of The head of the AAFEO by Dave Garroway.”: