O Zhang and Ed Bennett screen film on SinoVision (TV) 美国中文电视

Artist and filmmaker O Zhang’s new film,  “THE DREAMS OF ANNA MAY WONG “(shot at BMS on Jan 29,30, 31 see post), with original score by Ed Bennett, had a screening for friends and crew at the Queens Museum of Art on Sunday, March 7 2010.  The film  presents three dreams of this  actress as she  struggled with career, identity, and  love as a chinese woman in Hollywood during the 20’s and 30’s.  The screening received a significant amount of media attention in China as well as the US. It is featured in the arts news of one of the major Chinese TV Networks in the US, SinoVision (美国中文电视), as well as in China Press (侨报) and on the internet blog of SinoVision.net.

Click on the screenshots to view the full video of the featured news at SinoVision.

O and Ed also appeared on China Press (侨报):

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