Bennett Media Studio has created “TIANDI” , a Record Label and Talent Management company for China. Working with Chinese artists and performers in China and the U.S., we will write and develop chinese language songs.  We also will work with and develop any artist who is facile at Chinese singing, irrespective of race or nationality ( i.e. Ayesha Adamo,singer and writer of “Tian Ran De Ai” ). All these songs on the Player below were recorded and composed by Ed Bennett at Bennett Media Music in New York City.  Artists Ed worked with on the record are:

May Ling Lai. Singer, and co-songwriter with Ed Bennett. Here we have her version of ” Someday”. This song also has a Music video which May, MinhTu Van and Scott Gabriel created to depict May’s writingof the song to bring attention to the theme of domestic violence. This song showcased the charity fund raiser for the Asian Women’s Shelter in New York.

And listen to the song “Father Jaesy”, performed and written by Jaesy Wang (Wang Wanjung) who is originally from Taiwan and lives in New York. When she came to my studio, she laid this track down very quickly and I tried to make this master as polished as I could. Jaesy is a very talented writer and singer, and you can learn more about her on her Facebook Page.

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And here is a video of Ed Bennett and Ayesha Adamo performing their song “Tian Ran De Ai”