A few years ago I was in Shanghai walking down Madang Road near the classy Xintiandi. A lively street with many upscale shops, restaurants, galleries, I was then struck by these hanging posters on the street ( think Tribeca Film festival posters) with some very clever art. The images were very direct and striking, and each one brought a smile to my face. I saw how this was a language defying moment of understandability, common to all. So I took a photo on my phone and sent it to my friends back in New York to bring smiles to their faces.. I also thought to myself that this artist is quite clever. and he should be popular outside of China because his images are so universally understandable. However I returned back to my apartment in Shanghai where I was living at the time. and soon forgot about this clever artist.

Three years later, Chinese friends in NY, asked if I wanted to meet an artist friend visiting NY, and I agreed to share a glass of wine in my home and meet him, not knowing who he was.
As we sat in my kitchen, he showed me his art, and Boom: this was Tango..the same artist from 2 years ago.
Of course I laughed and shared with him the Shanghai story of admiring and sharing his art with my digital/ social friends.

And here he was in my kitchen…so we both smiled together. We had a toast of friendship, and from that moment we both agreed he needs to have some exposure here in New York.
So enough said! I am happy to now see this collaboration happen, and I hope you come and see his work at the Chelsea Market.